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All Prices Are In $NZD
All Prices Are In $NZD

326POWER 3D☆STAR Body Kit for Nissan S15

Original price $226.00 - Original price $2,358.00
Original price
$226.00 - $2,358.00
Current price $799.00

The 326POWER 3D☆STAR Nissan S15 body kit brings a fresh and unique look to a car that can often suffer from being pretty unexciting to look at.

Made to order in Japan, the three-piece kit includes both front and rear bumpers along with a pair of side skirts. As these parts are fibreglass, some minor fettling may be required in order to achieve a perfect fit on your car, although the quality of 326POWER bodykits is second to none. Please note in particular that fitting the 3D☆STAR S15 Rear Bumper may require some modifications to your exhaust tail pipe(s).

Body kit is made from fiberglass with gel coating.

 326POWER Nissan S15 3D Star LED Back Fog Lights 326POWER Nissan S15 3D Star LED Back Fog Lights
LED Back fog lights for exclusive use on the 3D☆STAR Nissan S15 Body Kit Built-in 21 high-brightness LEDs.
Black (ground) White → Small (30% light power) Red → Brake (100% light power)

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