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All Prices Are In $NZD
All Prices Are In $NZD

326POWER 360 Bearing Upper

Original price $144.00 - Original price $164.00
Original price
$144.00 - $164.00
Current price $144.00
326POWER 360 Bearing Upper

Due to the torsion on the spring, that occurs during a normal spring stroke. There is a resistance which results is a rougher stroke being carried out. Thus, affects the performance of the springs if it is not formed, by using the 326POWER 360 Bearing Upper, this reduces the torsional resistance of the spring that occurs during the stroke. Allowing for the stroke to be smooth, for your springs have less tension, giving you improved riding comfort,

Types: Standard, High Spec

High spec is larger in diameter and material thickness

Price is per set (2 x 360 Bearing Upper + 2 x plastic sheets)

Plastic Sheet colour cannot be chosen.