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All Prices Are In $NZD
All Prices Are In $NZD

326POWER EU Wheel Stud Conversion Kit

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Most modern European cars (VW, Audi, Mercedes etc.) are supplied with wheel bolts in order to attach the wheels. As a result, owners of these cars aren't able to fit a set of 326POWER wheel lug nuts.

The solution is to fit our EU wheel stud conversion kit. Consisting of 20x extended studs manufactured from super tough chromoly steel (SCM435), simply tighten the studs into your wheel hubs (use of threadlock is recommended) and begin enjoying the improved convenience that wheel nuts offer over wheel bolts. 

When ordering, please select the required thread pitch (this is the thread pitch that will be threaded into your car's wheel hubs). This is not the thread pitch for the required wheel nuts. Please contact us if you need any help with this.

Our EU wheel studs are supplied with M12x1.50 thread pitch on the wheel side. Please ensure that any wheel lug nuts that you intend to use are supplied in this thread pitch.

M14x1.25: SOLD OUT
M14x1.50: SOLD OUT

Wheel lug nuts are not included and are available separately.

326POWER EU Stud Conversion