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All Prices Are In $NZD
All Prices Are In $NZD

326POWER Number Plate Frame Type 1 (Japan Size)

Original price $102.00 - Original price $102.00
Original price
$102.00 - $102.00
Current price $102.00

Introducing the new 326POWER Number Plate Frame Type 1 (Japan Size).

**Number Plate Frames will have no seal and will come with two holes for your number plate bolts** As we are unable to supply the silver seal shown in pictures as they issued by the Japanese Government.

Design Types:
Number Plate Frame (with two holes)
Tochikuru Plate Frame (with two holes) in Black Only

Clear Black
Clear Blue
Clear Pink
Clear Yellow

Price provided is per frame.

*You will need to paste the stickers attached to the frame yourself.*

When you receive the product, follow steps 1 to 3 to use it:

1) A brown protective sheet is attached to the frame. Please peel off the protective sheet.
2) Thoroughly degrease the area where the sticker is attached to the frame.
3) Align the attached sticker with the frame, and stick it correctly while looking at the overall balance.